We hope to hold at least two fundraising events every year, and we will keep you, our Friends, fully informed of when, where and how much we raise! And most importantly, we will be telling you which projects these funds will support.

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Pre-Christmas Concert with Three Pressed Men

On 11th December we held a lively concert with the talented Three Pressed Men and were delighted to have raised £400.

Ukelele concert raises funds for church

On 16th October, we held a ukulele concert with Sam Brown and the People’s Ukulele Brigade. It was a wonderful evening  in a packed church with 190 tickets sold. We raised £1400 so thank you to everyone involved.

Concert of Baroque Music performed by the Band of Music

On 13th February we held a Concert of Baroque Music performed by the Band of Music, a talented group of young local musicians. 90 people attended this wonderful evening in the Church and the Friends raised over £500.

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